Services & Rates


Here is a list of our services, rates, and a description of what we do. Please note that all of our services are a flat rate per visit. We do not charge any extra fees for multiple pets.

This is also known as the meet and greet. We will get to know you, your pets, and their routine. We will also collect your keys at this visit.


30 Minute Pet Sit
30 Minute Dog Walk
$20.00 / Visit

This is our most popular service. We will come to your home and care for your babies while you are gone. Our visits last a full half-hour. This gives us optimal time to provide care, and have time to give them some love too. At the end of every visit we will send you a report card via our mobile app. You can relax and know that your pets are in good hands!

This is perfect for those times you are on vacation and also for a midday dog walk/playtime!

Do you have needy pets that require extra tlc? This is a great visit for them with a full hour of care. This is also a perfect option for homes with a lot of pets, farms, or extensive home care.

60 Minute Pet Sit
$35.00 / Visit

This service is perfect for the shy / scaredy cats in your life. Each visit will be carried out in a calm, quiet manner lasting about 15 minutes. This gives them the space they need to feel safe while you are away with no pressure to interact with us.

Shy Cat
15 Minute Pet Sit
$15.00 / Visit

Holiday Charge
$0.00 / Visit

NOTE: as of October 1st, we no longer charge a holiday fee for any visit!

Client Lockout Service

Uh-oh! Did you forget your keys again? Is the power out and you can't get in thru the garage door? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself locked out of your home, we are here to help. We will come let you in if we have a copy of your key on file.

Other Services

Is 30 minutes too long, not long enough? Do you want someone to spend the night with your pet rather than leaving them alone all night? Did you just get a puppy that needs several potty breaks a day? Please contact us and we can work something out. We are happy to adjust our services to meet your needs and your pets needs.